Summer Reading Program College Prep.

All students entering grades 9-12 are required to complete a summer reading requirement.  The assignment below is assigned to all students who are NOT in Honors or AP.  The A.P. Schalick High School Media Center and PTMS Media Center will have open hours during the summer.  Summer Schedule will be linked at

This packet is also available on line from the Schalick HS website. Go to Media Center, Summer Reading Program, Summer Reading Project CP.

Summer Reading Assignment: (Not for Honors and AP)

Summer reading is very important; it helps to retain the skills you have learned all year, it allows you to engage in topics of your choice, and it encourages you to learn independently.  

You are required to read one or two books and complete one or two of the projects below.

The following required reading titles are not to be used as summer reading selections:
A Separate Peace, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Things They Carried, Death of a Salesman, Romeo and Juliet, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Lord of the Flies, Things Fall Apart, Frankenstein, Hamlet, Animal Farm, Macbeth, The Scarlet Letter, I Am Malala, Ready Player One, Silver Linings Playbook, Between Shades of Gray, Hole in My Life, The Pact, Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.

Please read the general requirements below:

  • Your book selections should be on your reading level or above, acceptable to your parents, as well as engaging to you.

  • All projects are due on the first or second day of school.

  • If you have English the second semester, you will turn your project in during Enrichment the first or second day of school in Sept. Listen for announcements.

  • The project(s) count for 3% of your 1st Marking Period grade of the Semester

  • Grading:

    • 1 book / 1 project - May earn a B if all requirements met (85-92)

    • 2 books / 2 projects (1 project per book) - May earn an A if all requirements met (93-100)

Below are the project options, followed by the specific requirements for each.

Option A:  (Fiction)

  • Draw an outline of an empty head and inside of it draw or represent any symbols, words, or images that are bouncing around in the mind of the character/person in the story.  

  • On a separate sheet of paper, list each symbol and briefly explain how it is used in the story.

  • Verify that you have met all of the criteria on Option A checklist at the end of this packet.

Option B:  (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

  • Create a test based on the book you read.

  • Verify that you have met all of the criteria on Option B checklist at the end of this packet.

Option C:  (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

  • Find 5 websites that deepen your knowledge and understanding of the topic, theme, characterization, or plot elements addressed in your fictional or nonfictional book. You are NOT to find websites about the book and its theme, characters, etc. The purpose is to explore the general theme presented (money can’t buy everything) or the main topic (the life of a race car driver) or a characteristic about a person (greedy or overly generous).

  • Create a Google Presentation and share it with your English teacher. (If you do not know who your English teacher is, you are to report to the Media Center on the first day of school during your enrichment period to share your presentation. Make sure to listen for the announcement that signifies when you are to report.)

    • 1 slide per website: Include a link to the website and a brief description of the website on each slide.

  • Verify that you have met all of the criteria on Option C checklist at the end of this packet.

Task Checklists

Option A. - Drawing and Symbols List

______  8 x 10  or 16 x 20 sheet of paper/posterboard (points will be deducted for other sizes)

______  Includes 4 or more symbols/images/words

______  Drawing/representation is neat; effort is demonstrated

______  List of symbols/images/words typed or neatly written in pen on the back (may be glued onto the back)

______  Brief (2-3 sentences) description of how each symbol is used or why the image is important to the novel

Option B.  - Create a Test

_____ 10 questions total (5 fill in, 4 multiple choice, 1 essay), and you must include an answer key for your test. Do not write the essay.

_____  Objective questions are challenging, relevant, or significant

_____  Document is typed AND appropriately formatted OR neatly written in pen and spaced

_____  Few, if any errors in spelling, sentence structure, or mechanics

_____  Essay question requires critical thinking and analysis

Option C.  - Google Presentation of Websites

_____ 5 slides plus a Title Slide

_____ All websites properly linked (one per slide)

_____ All websites relate to text in a way that is beyond the actual book

_____ Brief explanation of each website on each slide

_____ Few, if any errors in spelling, sentence structure, or mechanics

PLEASE NOTE: School policy states that any attempt to submit work other than your own will result in a grade of 0 and possible disciplinary action.