Google Tips and Tricks

Type with Your Voice

You can now type hands-free with Google Drive.  Just open your document and in Tools click “Voice Typing.”  Click on the microphone icon and start dictating.  You can even add punctuation with Voice Typing.  For more details check out this tutorial.

Equation Tool Bar

Math and Science teachers this one is for you.  Did you know you can write equations in a Google Doc?  Click View and “Show Equation Toolbar” then “New Equation.”  For more details check out this tutorial.

Embed a Google Doc into a Webpage

Click on File then “Publish to the Web.” Change tab to “Embed” and click on “Publish.”  An embed code is created that you can use to put into your webpage.

Create a Table of Contents

Easily create a Table of Contents for your document.  Place your cursor at the beginning of your document.  Click Insert then “Table of Contents.”  With each new heading, Google adds it to the table of contents.  It also creates a live link to that heading in the document.

Restore an Earlier Version of a Document

Revision History makes tracking changes (and who made them) easy.  It also allows you to restore a document to an early version.  Click on File then “See Revision History.”    Revisions appear on the right of the screen.  To restore to a former version, just click “Restore this Version.”  This change becomes part of the Revision History, so you can easily go back to it.  

Converting Word Docs to Google Format

This can be done several ways.  Do you want it to convert automatically or manually?  To convert automatically upon upload, in your Drive, Click the Gear icon, then “Settings” and “General.”  Check the box “Convert Uploaded Files to Google Docs Editor Format.”  To keep a copy in Word format, convert manually. (Leave box unchecked.)  Upload the Word document.  In your Drive, right click on the document, click “Open With” then “Google Docs.”

Translate a Document into Another Language

To create translations of documents, click on Tools then “Translate Document.”  Just select the language and a new copy of your document is created in the selected language.

Sending a Google Dock as an Attachment in Email

To email a Google Doc as an attachment, simply go to File, then click “Email as Attachment.”  In the pop-up window, enter the desired email address(es) and select the format that you would like it emailed in (PDF, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, HTML, Plain Text, or Open Document).  

Editing Offline

By enabling Offline Editing in your Drive, you can still access your documents and edit them even when you have no Internet.  The next time you connect to the internet, Drive will automatically sync your changes.  This however, only works in Chrome browser.  To enable this feature, in your Drive, click the gear icon and “Settings.”  Check the box next to “Offline.”

Use Google Research Tools

You can define words and look up synonyms.  Just right click (control/click) on the word.  In menu box, click “Define.” The definition and synonyms appear in the right panel.  To conduct other research, click on Tools and then “Research.”  A research panel will appear on the right where you can conduct various searches.


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